sqlReports Subscription statistics as of June 1, 2022:

The sqlReports Subscription is an annual subscription and during that timeframe includes the following:

The sqlReports Subscription is sold based on the total number of active students on the server because sqlReports is used by all users with access to the server, and thus any reports or files from this site will be used by all users in the district.   The screenshot that shows the number of active students on the server is the one mentioned on the How To Order or Renew page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the sqlReports Subscription even if I'm hosted?


Does the sqlReports Subscription start on a specific date?

No - the sqlReports Subscription can start at any time and will expire one year after it starts.  For the first year, the start day is when a Purchase Order (PO) is received, or if no PO is used, when payment is received.  For renewals, another year is added to the subscription when a PO is received, or if no PO is used, when payment is received.

Can I still use any premium content after my sqlReports Subscription has expired?

Yes - however, you'll no longer have access to any of the reports or downloads that come with a sqlReports Subscription, and you'll no longer receive any support for any of the content you downloaded.   You will still be bound by the Terms of Use of this site and are not allowed to share any content you downloaded with anyone outside your district.  Please see the How to Order or Renew for other questions regarding expirations.

How much does a sqlReports Subscription cost?

Please visit the Subscription Pricing page for that information.





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