As of January 1, 2022, only renewals to existing sqlExports Subscriptions or expired sqlExports Subscriptions will be accepted.  Click here for an article from May 11, 2021, with more information.

sqlExports Pro is a powerful way for self-hosted customers to get data out of PowerSchool.   It works with sqlReports, so if you have a report built in sqlReports and want to automate exports of it, you can do so with sqlExports Pro.  If you answer Yes to the following, then sqlExports Pro may be the answer to making your job easier:

  • Are you self-hosted and would like to save data to local servers?
  • Do you use sqlReports and wish you could automate the saving of the results?
  • Are you saving data to local drives and wish the process was as easy as using sqlReports?

sqlExports Pro is an easy way to save data to local drives.  All you have to do is create a sqlReport to get the data you want, and then use sqlExports Pro to save the data to the location you specify.  Please see the sqlExports Overview page for more details and screenshots.

Advantages to Using sqlExports Pro

  • Integration with sqlReports - create the report in sqlReports and make sure it's returning the data you want.  Then check the box to use with sqlExports Pro and it's ready to use with sqlExports Pro!
  • Use sqlReports Parameters - if your sqlReport has any user parameters they will appear as options in sqlExports Pro too.
  • No Need to Create PowerQueries - pulling data via SQL is a lot easier to do in sqlReports vs a PowerQuery, especially if you've never created a PowerQuery.  No need for PowerQueries with sqlExports Pro!
  • Access to Data - with sqlExports Pro you can export any data you can use in sqlReports, which includes several tables not available in AutoSend, PowerQueries, or Data Export Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the sqlExports Subscription?

The sqlExports Subscription includes the following:

  • access to the sqlExports Pro download for a year - the download is updated any time a new version of sqlReports or sqlExports Pro is released.
  • support for sqlExports Pro for a year to help with any installation or running of sqlExports Pro (support does not cover troubleshooting any sqlReports created by the user or answering general questions related to SQL)

I'm hosted by PowerSchool - can I purchase the sqlExports Subscription?

No - the sqlExports Subscription is not sold to hosted customers because hosted customers will not be able to access the exports since they do not have access to the local hard drive of their SIS server.

Is the sqlExports Subscription included as part of a sqlReports Subscription?

No - it's a separate purchase.

Is a sqlReports Subscription required to use sqlExports?

No - there's a version of sqlExports for the free version of sqlReports and another for the sqlReports Subscription version.   Please see the sqlExports Overview page for more information.

How much does the sqlExports Subscription cost?

Please visit the Subscription Pricing page for that information.






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