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sqlReports Specific

  Basic Reports Troubleshooting - a series of articles covering blank reports, cross-site errors, and general issues
  Compatibility Chart - a guide to which version of sqlReports is compatible with the different SIS versions
  How to Import a sqlReports Report - how to import a report from this site, or a text file, into sqlReports
  How to Create Drop-Down Menus - a guide on how to create your own drop-down menus
  How to Use Code Set Menus in sqlReports - how to use the code set menus in sqlReports
  sqlReports Version History - a history of changes dating all the way back to the original version


  How to Use Custom Page Manager - basic instructions for Custom Page Manager (CPM)
  SIS Database Vocabulary - common terms with regards to the database
  How to Use Custom Fields in SQL - how to add either legacy or extended custom fields to your SQL
  Useful Joins on SIS Tables - when to use studentid vs studentdcid and other useful joins

The following are available to those with an active sqlReports Subscription:

sqlReports Troubleshooting

  Dates and Times in sqlReports - date formatting in SQL is tricky when it comes to sqlReports and this should help
  It Works in Developer but not sqlReports - the main reasons why SQL works in a client but not in sqlReports

Basic How To's for sqlReports

  How sqlReports Lists Work - information on how it works, plus important information regarding how it's use of prefs can affect users of the List Students or List Staff group functions
  Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks for sqlReports - various tips and tricks, such as system variables (curschoolid, etc.) and district vs school coding
  Use Saved Params Data in a Report - how to use the data from the Saved Params add-on in a report
  Use the Current Selection in a sqlReports Report - how to use the current selection of students in a report
  Using HTML Coding in sqlReports - how to add links and images, change colors, add progress bars, and center data
  Using sqlReports in the Teacher Portal - explains how to set up sqlReports reports to work in the teacher portal

Learning and Using SQL

  Basic SQL - if you're not familiar with SQL or just want a refresher on the basics, start here
  Intermediate SQL - once you know the basics, move on to some more powerful commands
  Advanced SQL - how to use pivot tables and create derived tables with joins or withs
  Common ORA Errors and What They Mean - what certain Oracle errors mean and how to fix them
  Useful SQL for Teacher Reports in sqlReports - SQL to use for class rosters or teacher specific reports

Oracle SQL Developer

  Getting Started and Running Queries - how to setup Oracle SQL Developer and run a query 
  Tables and Views - how to view the Tables and Views that are part of the database
  Tips and Tricks - some tips and tricks regarding joins, query builder, autocomplete, and preferences

Customization Related

  Using DataTables Coding on Custom Pages - how to make custom pages with HTML tables act like sqlReports



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