Custom Links is part of the sqlReports Subscription.  It was created by Matt Freund and allows you to create links to various items for admins and teachers.   The data in the screenshots below is fictional.

If you've struggled with creating links in PS, or wish you had a page where all of your commonly used links resided and could be accessed regardless of computer or browser, or could be shared with others, then you'll find Custom Links invaluable.  With Custom Links, you can easily:

  • Create links within PS to built-in pages, custom pages, or external sites (such as KB articles) in a clean and easy-to-use interface.
  • Use a parameter system similar to the one in sqlReports in any custom page.  No need to create drop-down menus on individual pages, and you can create additional drop-down menus easily.
  • The layout from sqlReports is used, so as you create new links, you can assign the links to specific security groups.

Below is an example of the menu system for Custom Links:

custom links main menu

If you're familiar with sqlReports, the menu system will look familiar.  You can create groups to categorize links, exclude a link from the user list until you've finished working on it, and restrict links to specific security groups.   

There are only three tabs to Custom Links.  The Overview tab is where you provide a name and title for the link, the link type (either direct link to a page, or link to a custom page using parameters), the path of the link, a group if you want to categorize the link, a description area, a place to choose who sees the link, and a checkbox to keep the link from showing up when necessary.

custom links new link page

The Parameters tab has an area for detailed instructions for the user, whether to open the link in a new window, and parameters options similar to the parameters option in sqlReports.  If you're familair with sqlReports, then the parameters work basically the same, except you use a gpv command to reference the parameter in your custom page.  There's a user guide with more information and the download includes an example of a custom page with parameters.

The final tab is the Notes tab and is just a text box where one can record information about the link, such as when it was created, who created it or modified it, etc.

custom links parameters page


Custom Links FAQ

Do I need to be running sqlReports to use it?

No - it's a customization that's independent of sqlReports.






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